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Rituels Wood and Brass Shaving Brush

Rituels Wood and Brass Shaving Brush - Natural


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A high mountain badger shaving brush made in Quebec; the best quality ever! The density and firmness of the bristles generates a thick foam while massaging your face comfortably.

A hand-finished handle with several layers of natural and non-toxic oil: unlike varnish, the oil will never crack! Plus, it’s easy to maintain, and the oil enhances the woodgrain instead of concealing it.

The brushed brass insert engraved with our logo adds surprisingly pleasant weight to the brush.

Available in black wood


  • Bristle height, excluding knot (loft): 58 mm (2.28")
  • Total height: 110-115 mm (4.33-4.53")
  • Knot: 22 mm (0.87")


Over time, you’ll notice that the oil protecting the wood will develop a beautiful patina, revealing the woodgrain. If you prefer the original lustre, simply grab a rag and give it a rub down with the right oil. It’ll be good as new in no time!

Designed and manufactured in Quebec exclusively for Rituels.