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Rituels Kamisori Straight Razor - Cognac Leather Handle

Rituels Kamisori Straight Razor - Cognac Leather Handle


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Traditional Kamisori Straight Razor by Shavesmith for Rituels.

As easy to use as a straight razor, but with a sleek design respecting Japanese tradition.

How it is made

Each razor is unique and hand forged with the high-carbon steel type "O1 Tool Steel" with an exceptional hardness corresponding to 63 HRC.

The blade has a depth of 25 mm (1") and a length of 57 mm (2.25"). The total length with the handle is 15.85 cm (6.25").

Shave-ready, this razor has been sharpened to a 30000 grit. The back of the blade is flat and the sharp edge is beveled. It features a cognac leather handle. 

How to keep it sharp

Carbon steel razors remain sharp when they are properly cared for. However, they are susceptible to corrosion. The color of the steel will change a little after the first uses to become a little more matte, and it's perfectly normal! Once this matte layer is developed, it will protect the steel from oxidation as long as it is kept in a dry place and oiled after use.

Use the strop before each shaving.


Forged in the USA according to Rituels exclusive specifications.