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Rituels Straight Razor - 6/8" Blade with Bocote Wood Handle


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This handmade straight razor provides a close shave that is second to none. 

How it is made

The razor features a handmade 6/8" carbon steel blade and French point. Shave-ready, it has been sharpened to a 30000 grit.

Its Bocote wood handle has a grain and texture that gives it a lot of character, and has been treated to be waterproof. Maple wood insert between the Bocote wedges.

How to keep it sharp

Carbon steel razors keep remain sharp when they are properly cared for. However, they are susceptible to corrosion. Avoid leaving the razor in a steamy bathroom and oil it regularly. Use a strop after each use. A straight razor is an investment for a lifetime (and more!). If you take good care of it, you can pass it down from generation to generation!