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Sharp Products for Sharp-looking Men!

Rituels offers traditional shaving products and grooming accessories for men who have an eye for style and a taste for high-end quality.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lumberjack, math teacher, or a lawyer, all men are welcome to join our Rituels club.

But, before proceeding, we ask that you read our code of conduct and take a look at our promises.

1) We choose the RIGHT product for you.

While some stores brag about their large selection or reduced prices, we prefer to focus on YOU!

As a friend, we prefer to offer the best quality products, instead of drowning you in an endless assortment of unsuitable products that aren’t even all that great. We tell it like it is. Besides, that’s what friendship is all about, right?

If we’re willing to sell a product in our stores, it’s because we know you’re going to like it! (Like, a lot!)

2) Our pricing is always fair.

We realize money doesn’t grow on trees, which is why we sell our amazing products at an honest price. It just so happens that our prices are often the best, but we allow each artisan and producer to live honorably so that they have the time and will to serve you with the best quality.

Obviously, good quality products may seem more expensive... until you have to replace that "cheap" razor that was “supposedly” a good deal, for the third time! As the saying goes, we prefer quality "because we are too poor to buy the cheapest stuff."

When you visit Rituels, advice is included with every purchase, whether it’s given before or after, and it’s always offered in a respectful, pleasant, and competent way. Have a problem or a question? Just ask! A “real” person will gladly answer you and propose the best solution possible.

3) We make lasting impressions with products that last.

The best way to avoid waste is to buy a durable, quality product that won’t have to be replaced!

Like a man living in the open air, he will age in beauty and character if he is cared for. And if he ever breaks down a little, he will repair himself and proudly wear the scar that showcases his endurance and reflects his exploits.

4) We refuse to sell anything that could potentially put us to shame.

We are proud of our artisan friends and stand behind their craftsmanship. The products we offer have interesting stories to tell and histories to share, unlike other product origins that should be swept under the rug.

Whenever possible, we choose products made from natural materials and manufactured by companies that respect people and the environment.

5) We treat you like family.

We take pride in the products we offer, our fast deliveries, personalized packaging, as well as our courteous and competent service.  

As you know, nobody is perfect! Mistakes happen, and issues occur in even in the best of families. For this reason, should a problem occur, we treat you like family and take extensive measures to ensure that everything's A-ok. We’ll gladly replace, reimburse, or repair any defective product within a reasonable time. We act in a responsible and honest manner, as any Man should.

6) Everyone is welcome!

Do you think that accessories for men are exclusive to the rich and famous?


We’ll gladly talk you through it should you be interested in learning more.

Jeans? Jackets? Dress shoes? Work boots? It doesn’t matter what you choose to wear. A true Man is distinguished by his values, not by his clothes nor by the size of his wallet.

If you have an eye for quality, design, and durable products, we promise to find something that’s fit for you! Whether you’re a Hipster, Punk-rocker, or just plain, the only label you’ll wear when you walk into our boutique or browse our online shop is: Gentleman.

Rituels was created by Michael Carpentier.