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Duo Rituels Beard Brush and CAMP Beard Oil

Duo Rituels Beard Brush and CAMP Beard Oil


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Our Beard and Hair Boar Bristle Brush and our Original Moisturizing Shave and Beard Oil.

Beard and Hair Boar Bristle Brush

The scaly surface will remove grime, dead hairs and stuff, and the natural bristles will stimulate sebum production, protecting your glorious beard even more from that cruel world.

The boar bristles have a less smooth surface than the entry-level nylon bristle brushes. They therefore retain the accumulated dirt better, generating much less static.

Made of keratin (like the rhinoceros horns ... and your beard!), It also facilitates the sebum activation needed to maintain natural hairs. High density brushes don't penetrate well in the beard to comb it, those that are not dense enough are not more satisfactory. With 5 rows of high quality bristles, our brush offers a perfect balance!

Bubinga wood handle was selected for its beauty and hardness, and hand finished by brushes artisans in France and laser engraved in Quebec with the Rituels logo.

Original Moisturizing Shave and Beard Oil

This moisturizing beard oil contains 25% argan oil. It's ideal to give your beard extra shine! Its viscosity and the skin protection it gives makes it Rituels barbers' favorite shaving and pre-shaving oil.

It's the perfect product for the traditional shaving minimalist, or the bearded ones who shave the throat and the cheek line!

A unique fragrance specifically developed for Rituels: bergamot, bitter orange, cypress and patchouli. It features a masculine, yet refined scent: a unique blend of travel souvenirs from the Orient, citrus trees, a walk in a spruce forest of conifers, and incense.

Argan, ricin and sunflower oil, and essential oils (bergamot, bitter orange, cypress and patchouli). 100% natural. 100% vegan.

30 ml (1 oz.) plastic bottle with dispenser.