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Luxury Razor Strop in Natural Leather

Luxury Razor Strop in Natural Leather, 3”


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Luxury razor strop in natural cowhide leather for straight razors.

Designed and manufactured in Quebec. It’s our tribute to the uncompromising expertise of the local designers and craftsmen working with leather and wood!

A 3” leather strop that’s the same width as your razor blade!

“Culatta” cowhide leather is vegetable-tanned, laser-cut, and hand-made with ultra-resistant thread. The edges of the strop are rounded by hand to prevent your blade from getting caught up when stropping it. Plus, it helps preserve your blade and is forgiving…. Even when you mistakenly make a wrong move. (Yes, it happens to the best of us!)

Strop Cleaning and Prepping
Organic hemp rear strop for cleaning and warming your blade before or after “stropping.” The ingenious leather handle (nothing less!) allows you to tighten the strop with one finger while protecting it from the razor.

Hardware and Wood Handle
With a pleasing, ergonomic grip, the wooden handle is turned, dyed with Indian ink, and oiled by hand in Quebec.
Chicago-style hardware and screws in brass.

Rub the palm of your hand over the leather before each shave: the natural oils of your hand will be enough to keep the strop leather hydrated.
When using it less often, an annual mink oil treatment will help protect the leather and prolong its lifetime. If you’re up to it, you can also opt for an initial treatment.
Modular and easy to disassemble, you can swap out its components when needed!
Stropping surface: 3" x 18" (7.62 cm x 45 cm)
Entirely made in Quebec for Rituels