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Rituels R1 Safety Razor

Rituels RS1 Safety Razor


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The Rituels RS1 Safety Razor, the very first of its kind, made especially for us!

A durable chrome-plated brass handle: Every time you hold it, the pleasant weight and elegant design will remind you that you’ve got something serious on your hands! A real tool, for real business!

The textured handle is easy to grip, even when you’re hands get a little (or, very) wet.

With a razor head that ranks medium to high on the aggressivity chart, you can say hello to close shaves, and goodbye to shaving bumps and irritation.

Also available as a set with a shaving brush, shaving brush stand, and blades.


If your razor flakes, breaks, or oxidizes after normal usage, we’ll gladly replace it or refund it. No need to worry!

Made specifically for Rituels.