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Rituels Shaving Brush, Soap and Bowl Set


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We are extremely proud to offer you this luxurious shaving set from Rituels, which has been entirely designed and made in Québec. This ultra-high-performance concrete shaving bowl and brush pay tribute to a long-standing art of traditional shaving, all while using modern materials, design and technology.

After having created prototypes with a 3D printer to achieve the perfect shape and look, we chose concrete that is normally used in architecture. Its fine grain as well as its shock- and humidity-resistant features make this set truly one-of-a-kind for the contemporary man.

How it is made

The bowl and brush are protected from scratches thanks to a semi-gloss finish, which will nevertheless ensure that moisture quickly dries after each shave. The bowl's base is encompassed with a cork and rubber disc to protect your countertop. The cover of the bowl is made out of cherrywood with Rituels' new logo laser-engraved on the top.

The shaving brush features high-mountain badger bristles, which is the best quality that can be found on the market. It allows you to create a rich and long-lasting foam with our Rituels Traditional Tallow Shaving Soap. 

What does it smell like?

The soap has a unique fragrance specifically developed for Rituels: bergamot, bitter orange, cypress and patchouli. It features a masculine, yet refined scent: a unique blend of travel souvenirs from the Orient, citrus trees, a walk in a spruce forest of conifers, and incense.

Safety razor (as shown in the image) is not included. 


Designed and made in Québec exclusively for Rituels.